Hello readers! We thought it would be fun and helpful to start up a new thread that talk about things that we're proud of accomplishing and upcoming things you're excited for BOTH inside AND outside the workplace. Here’s a taste of some academia-related and also life-related little blurbs from the McLabbies from the month of October!


Research: I'm proud to be pulling together all the pieces together of my acoustic adaptation project to finally be able to tell a cohesive story about variation in squirrel rattles and their relation to fitness.

Life: I had two great Halloween costumes (Jack Skellington and Van Gogh!) and was very excited to go thrift shopping to make them.


Research: I'm quite proud of publishing my first paper (first author, too!) from my MSc work on how red squirrels recognize individuals using unique calls. You can view it here!! >> https://t.co/mr4UpkMqZ0

Life: I've been trying to bake a loaf of bread every week and the quality has definitely increased from when I started out in the summer. Bread is delicious.

Sarah GP

Research: I finished writing a draft of my first red squirrel paper, and am heading to Ann Arbor to present the results soon.

Research/Life hybrid: A journal asked to use my wildlife photos for their holiday greeting card, which was a fun way to combine science and my photography hobby.

Life: I have managed to fight off a cold by spending lots of time cuddling with my dog and eating delicious home-made soup.


Research: This week I applied to three separate scholarships, which is always a little stressful for me. I’m pleased to have submitted multiple applications that make me proud (and excited about the proposed research!).

Life: I signed up for roller derby! I’m proud of trying something so far outside of my comfort zone and proud of my developing roller skating skills.


Research: This month I returned from my first field season in Kluane and have started analyzing my data. I have also put together an outline of my thesis chapters and am excited to start working on my proposal.

Life: I moved to Guelph at the start of the month and am enjoying getting settled in to a new city!


Research: Excited to almost have my first couple chapters out the door and move on to new questions I have been looking forward to for a long time

Life: Have been playing music again more consistently and has been a real highlight to my days.


Research: I am excited to have recently submitted the second round of revisions for a manuscript currently in review at Animal Behaviour. Fingers crossed that the next letter is an acceptance letter! You can find the preprint here: https://www.biorxiv.org/content/early/2018/10/26/453993

Life: Earlier this month I went on my first ever multi-day canoe trip in Algonquin Park with a friend. It was so rejuvenating and I learned that I really love canoeing!